April 17th, 2010

Curly W

current music is completely inappropriate

Holy crap. Livan Hernandez goes the distance and the Nats crush the Brewers 8-0. Great game to score - actually they all are when you're winning, but this one didn't have double & triple switches or lots of substitutions and crazy plays so I was happy when I was done. Surprised to see that the game was on MASN, since it was a home game and not nearly sold out (attendance was only about 18,700) but that was OK with me since I got to see first hand how Carpenter and Dibble are. (Mediocre.)

Last night P and I headed off to Baltimore and Centro Tapas , which she's pretty crazy about - and for good reason. The place is an American twist on a Spanish staple, the tapas bar, where one is served a succession of various nibblements. Centro Tapas does an excellent job with meats, cheeses and hot tapas alike; the only disappointment, oddly enough, was the daily special roast suckling pig tapas, which was tough, gristly, and pretty much inedible. Otherwise, all was excellent, and I look forward to someday splitting their version of coconut flan with somebody since eating a whole one would very likely kill me.

Reactivated my file with Accountemps yesterday at the Alexandria office and called the Tyson's and Dulles offices as well. I'll call the DC office tomorrow but am dithering about Greenbelt since I really don't want to have to deal with the Wilson Bridge in the morning. At all. We'll see.

Undecided whether to chill for the rest of the day & evening or what.
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