April 11th, 2010


getting clear o' dirtiness, getting done with mess...

Getting shut o' doing things rather more or less.

Took some time this afternoon between lunch and dinner to clean up around the desk, which badly needed it. Lots of stuff went in the garbage, other stuff was set aside for later perusal or doing stuff with. Got some room now to set up the last bookcase from Target and the other multimedia shelf, and I'm going to attack that project this week. Don't think I'll be too wiped out from work.

Also got to listen to the Nationals put the hurt on Johan Santana, which sealed a series win against the Mets and put the Nats up to .500. That won't last long, since the next series is against the Phillies at home, but it gives me a little hope that the team which beat the bejesus out of the Mets and Braves to finish last season is back in a new & improved form.

Also found out that STATS has been sending e-mail to my AOL address, which meant I missed the notices for test games in the first two weeks of April. DAMN IT. No wonder there was nothing in my e-mail about yesterday's game. Well, hopefully they won't mind me being a day late to volunteer for the test games this week against the Phillies and Rockies.

Going to hit the rack early since I plan to get up early and be in the office when it opens at 0800. I figure since it won't be open Friday, I need to get all the hours I can.