April 9th, 2010


You don't see this everyday.

I vaguely remember hearing about this a few months ago as I was surfing through various website, but I see Aaron Gleeman has followed up on the Grant Desme story. Desme, a well-regarded prospect in the A's system, walked out on his baseball career and decided to join the priesthood. More detail in the San Jose Mercury News, whose article by Mark Emmons is what caught Gleeman's attention.

Don't think I've seen an intersection of religion and baseball like this since Bill James teed off on the Padres some years ago.

Speaking of baseball stuff, it's not too late to get involved in the Suburban League's first season. There's three teams doomed to robotic indifference unless you step in! Draft is tomorrow morning, but you can get involved any time.

Also, Eri Yoshida got signed by the Chico Outlaws of the independent Golden League.
Also also, Josh Beckett's marrying a rocket scientist.

On an unrelated topic, today was fairly peaceful at the tax mines despite there being only six days left in the tax season and a full schedule of clients on the schedule. I'm thinking this weekend is going to be crazy, so I'm not making any big plans aside from tomorrow's draft in case I get called in. I've already made arrangements to get some backup next week over the lunch hour, when it gets extra-special crazy busy.