March 27th, 2010


Why does John Stossel hate the elderly and the poor?

This is the question posed by Jeff Goldstein in response to Stossel's Reason essay that compares Bernie Madof's Ponzi scheme to Social Security and Medicare.

Stossel's right. These programs have never been about individual Americans saving for their future; they've been all about taking money from working Americans and handing it over to those the government in Washington deems worthy. Welfare with a kinder face, basically. Now both programs are effectively broke. What a surprise.

For those of you too busy to read the whole damn thing...

...a summary of the new health care "reform" act's provisions.

Of course some of you, noting the source of this document, will ignore it as partisan flackery and lies. Just the way you ignored us when we warned you this inexperienced tool of the Chicago Machine was going to run the economy off the cliff. Don't come whining to me when one of these provisions bites you in the ass.