March 2nd, 2010


this week it's a dustbuster

Last night the new vacuum for the vacuum dressing arrived, and today the visiting nurse came by to install it. Surprisingly little pain; I was half expecting to need some Percocet, but this proved not to be necessary. So, now I have this hose in a sponge in my wound, and every so often the pump burbles and draws forth some fluid. No blood or gunk so far, but I'm dubious about how this is going to play at work. The pump is battery powered and I'm going to plug it in tonight while I'm asleep so it'll be all good to go tomorrow.

Speaking of work, today was kind of choppy since I went to see one of my parish priests in the morning. This is part of the ongoing attempt to kick-start my spiritual life and get right with God again, and I think it's going to go well. The meeting was very cathartic and productive. There's a lot of things going on at the parish, and I expect I'll be getting more involved in some of those things, in addition to doing a little Eucharistic Adoration and showing up for Mass like I'm supposed to.

I was going to dump my (altered) career plans in another post, but this is as good as any a place to note that I'm going to abandon the teaching career path. It just doesn't pay well enough to justify the additional class work I'll need to finish off a teaching certification. The same goes for continuing to look for entry-level bookkeeping/accounting jobs; these also don't pay very well and I'm brutally overqualified for most of them. Fortunately, the Virginia CPA exam isn't as big a ball-buster as it is in other states, but it looks like I'm still going to need some additional coursework first, since they don't count OJT toward the scholastic requirements. I have offers to help me with the classes, and maybe I can count some of my Cardinal Stritch MBA classes, if I can pry a transcript loose from them.

That's about it for today.

Currently reading: The Player of Games, by Ian M. Banks.