February 28th, 2010


truck retrieval and family drama

So P and I set out to retrieve her Nissan from the VA parking lot last night, which we did, and then went to Shooter's in lieu of Ye Chon for foodz. At first we were both going to drive there, but then she had the brain flash that all this driving was the most work my legs had done in over a week, and so we parked the Kia and went on in the Nissan. Ribs (naked) and salad followed, and then we parted company after I gave P the bulk of Tish's Godly Challah.

No sooner had I begun ranking players for the impending Goonwaffe fantasy baseball league draft than P called. Little brother Carlos was in need of company, being broken up over breaking up with long-time GF/fiance, and so back to Shooter's we went. Much drinking and maudlin antics ensued (not on my part; I stuck to Diet Coke) and Carlos wound up crashing on the sleeping bags in my living room.

Hats off to the Canadian womens' hockey team. As for the IOC, they need to remove that enormous stick from their ass. Girls just wanna have fun, you know? Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to the Winter Olympics. Spring training is underway, after all.

a word of thanks to my vile, treacherous friends

I think I may have said before that the worst thing about mental illness is that you don't know it's going on while it's happening, because everything looks normal from the inside...but things keep going wrong, you keep getting sick, and your life slowly turns into one long journey through the Valley of Suck. So I'd like to thank several of my close friends for showing up this evening at what I thought was going to be a chili dinner but in fact was an intervention. Thanks, guys. I needed that. You're right that ten years of this nonsense is long enough.

There is now a plan of action for dealing with the situation, and this plan will be followed. I can trust you all to keep me honest on this. I am not sure that the suggested motivation is the best one, since I am a firm believer that living well is the best revenge (and intend to find out how that can be extrapolated into reprisal) and I have a seven-year head start anyway, but we'll work on that.