February 25th, 2010

dead wombat

One last night at the VA, maybe

Today started pretty high on the suck meter, but it got better eventually. It was supposed to start with surgery to remove the vacuum dressing that was installed Monday, but that was canceled since the surgeon thought the wound's condition had improved enough that surgery to debride the wound further and suture it up would be unnecessary. (I missed breakfast because of this waffling.) The current plan is to send me home tomorrow, ship me a smaller version of the vacuum pump, and have a home care nurse stop by three times a week to change the dressing. Neither P and I are too sanguine about this plan, since home care nurses don't work second shift and have appointment windows not unlike cable installers, and neither of those meshes well with the 9-5 day job that I would really like to get back to. So I'm going to lobby the case manager to either leave me here until next Thursday's vascular clinic or have me come in to get the dressing changed, which will be slightly less convenient than dealing with a home care nurse. Also, staying here will keep me on the 1800-calorie "diabetic" diet they're feeding me, and furthermore I can't see my manager at H&R Block being too enthusiastic about me dragging my pump and its attached reservoir of effluvium around the office as I do my customer service thing. So I may be here another week; we'll find out tomorrow.

P came in with a spare wireless modem she had laying around and so I have internet this evening. I caught up on Facebook comments and am plowing through a backlog of SAS posts on somethingawful.com. She also brought me a nail clipper, a bottle of V-8 and some string cheese, which were appreciated as much (if not more) than the modem. Unfortunately the modem blocks both USB ports on Cowzilla while using just one, so I'm having to get by without the trackball and with what few tunes remain on the hard drive. It's a damn sight better than not having internet at all.