February 11th, 2010

the mark

At times like this, I wish I had a facepalm icon.

Pedobear becomes official symbol of the Winter Olympics. Good going, eh? For those of you mercifully unaware of 4chan memes like this, Steven den Beste explains it all. (Ace)

Even more stupid, verging on evil: chic LA restauranteur succeeds in suckering California schools into mandatory school gardening curriculum for children of Chicano farm workers. (Little Miss Attila)

As a palate cleanser, try this Finnish war movie. No English subtitles, unfortunately. (Ace)

warning: busy weekend ahead

Carlos came over to help me shovel out the Toaster, and then we headed over to Los Toltecos for some quality Mexican with his SO Arlene. The service was slow, but the restaurant was really busy when we got there so I was willing to cut them slack on that account. Especially since the food was so good, to say nothing of the conversation.

Got home, started changing bandage on thigh when onsenmark called to update me on the Katsu plan. Looks like he'll be getting into DC around 0500; I suggested that he hop the Metro to Van Dorn and I'd get him across the river to National Harbor from there, possibly with breakfast in the middle someplace. I still dunno if I'm going to make more than a token appearance at Katsu, even though bam2 is going to be there along with Chris. While my leg isn't bleeding quite so much right now, I really ought to be horizontal as much as I can so the damn thing will finish healing sometime in the near future.

Never did get called for work today. Just as well in view of the leg...but I do need the $$$. Sigh.

Some guy P knows is supposed to be in town this weekend and she thinks I ought to meet him. We'll see what happens.

Finished reading the DAW edition of Jerry Pournelle's A Spaceship for the King. That would make a damn fine anime series, but where would they find the character designer who could match Kelly Freas' depiction of Iron Man MacKinnie?