February 7th, 2010


a largely horizontal Sunday

No call from the manager this morning, so I slept in and stayed in bed as much as possible while continuing to munch on Percocet and Clindamycin. This seems to be helping; the red & swollen area seems to be getting smaller, and this is Good.

I would like to recommend this week's installment of Rule 5 Sunday at Stacy & Smitty's place, especially because the first item in the list celebrates fellow citizen of the Commonwealth Caressa Cameron and also includes a clip of Rush Limbaugh getting DOWN. Not everyone was pleased by Rush winning the Judges' Dance Contest:

a plague of Robert Shaw

For most of this evening the local NPR affiliate has been flogging a SPECIAL CD collection of SPECIAL choral music commemorating Robert Shaw. Or maybe this Robert Shaw. Or this one. Pretty sure it's not this one. In any event, it may be awesome (especially if done by ZOMBIE COLONEL ROBERT SHAW AND HIS 54TH MASSACHUSETTS REGIMENT UNDEAD COLOURED CHORUS) but no CD is worth $120.