February 4th, 2010


memo for record

Lowsec is not empire. Neutrals can and will gank you just like zero-sec. Especially after you bought that shiny new BC and forgot to insure it.

also, stop playing EVE at 0430.
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In the end, I did a more work than I had to (and filled out the 1040X wrong to boot) but I'll be mailing off a Schedule D to the IRS tomorrow to explain why I don't have $10K more in 2007 income than I reported and why they can't have another $2535 in taxes from it. Which means I can e-file my federal and state returns tomorrow. Of course considering the insane (for DC) amounts of snow we're supposed to get tomorrow night, the IRS and Commonwealth may not get around to actually processing my return until March, but w/e. I've done my part.