January 30th, 2010


More snow. Ugh.

I can handle it just fine, myself, and the Sportage can four-wheel it through the piddly little 2-6" that we've been getting most of the time down here in DC. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people whose idea of snow driving is to take their 2WD sedans out, turn on their hazard lights and high-beams, and putter along at 30 MPH in the left lane. On the Beltway. I admit for about fifteen minutes this evening I was praying for a semi to experience brake failure so that one such ignoramus would be removed from the road, if not the gene pool. Same goes for people in Cooper Minis and Smart cars. GTFO. All of you.

I went out in the snow to advise a friend on forming a 501(c)(3), which advice he'd sought since I have actually done this before, or at least laid the groundwork. He mostly already has the stuff he needs, but I'm looking at getting him a copy of ATC's app (sans financial data) as a reference. I'm hoping they won't mind.

Aside from this, major event of the day was the second State of the Goonion in three days, this one by interim CEO Darius Johnson. Darius, as some of you may recall, was our CEO when we took Delve originally, so in a way it's kind of appropriate that he's leading us out of there and off to new horizons. The future of Goonfleet will have a lot more pissing in peoples' Cheerios and a lot less infrastructure, which is a future that appeals to a lot of Goons who felt that Delve and its riches (and enormous revenue-sucking infrastructure) were changing us into just another EVE alliance. I still have some ships and modules in Delve, trapped in enemy stations that I can't dock at any more, but I can replace those. The Horde is saddling up again, off to reap more skulls for the Skull Throne and harvest fresh barrels of pubbie tears.