January 20th, 2010


busier than expected

I forgot that the Commonwealth doesn't consider MLK Jr.'s birthday a holiday, so I was surprised to see my unemployment pay in the SunTrust account this morning. I spent most of it on my overdue cell phone bill and truck insurance, and held a little out for groceries and gas.

Desk chair broke another leg last night, even though I was trying to be careful. Not careful enough, evidently. Since I can't prop up my right leg properly while sitting in pkat's old drafting chair, it tends to swell up quickly, so I haven't been spending a lot of time online. Probably just as well; the current cash flow situation has me depressed enough already.

Mildly excited over the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts last night. Some Democrats seem to have gotten the message and are backing off the notion that they can go ahead and make the country safe for Socialism; unfortunately for the country (but fortunately for the GOP) the President doesn't seem to be one of those Democrats. Welp. We'll see what happens come November.

In the meantime, tomorrow's going to be a tad busy, what with going back to work in the morning for a few hours before heading off to the VA and then over to digex's warehouse to see if he has any chairs of bulk and definition that fit into/can be strapped to the top of the Toaster. Going to see if I can hit the rack early and not wake up at 0200 like I did this morning. Probably the only reason I'm awake now is that I napped during the third hour of Rush today. My, he was in a good mood. :)