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Failure to communicate

For those of you trying to call me, phoenixalpha, and Scott lately, be advised that Cingular has disabled inbound calls to our phones - some unfinished business lingering from the AT&T account, which we expect to have cleaned up by the end of the month if the cash flow favors us. In the meantime, contact us through e-mail or call me at work if it's urgent.

The doctor's appointment yesterday was just full of bad news. I'll be seeing a dermatologist next Monday to deal with the hideousness of my right foot, and am trying to get an appointment to see the vascular surgeons so we can see exactly why I have this raging edema in my right leg. My family doc and I are pretty sure the veins are screwed up, since last fall the arteries got scoped out and appeared to be okay. About the only good news was that the trend line on my weekly average glucose has been going down since the beginning of the year, so I probably won't need to change my mix of Glucotrol, Glucophage, and Actos. Yay.
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