December 29th, 2009



You don't realize quite how much work and its schedule drive your life until you're not working for an extended period. The days blur together, and if you're not paying very close attention to the time you look up now and again to realize that an entire week has slipped by you. Minor holidays sneak up on you, because you don't get out every day and fight the traffic, and you don't look forward to the days the Feds take off when it's not quite so awful.

It's one of those things you don't miss until it's gone.


I already know my hotel room at Detour is going to set me back ~$600, since I'm coming on Thursday and not leaving until Monday. Airfares are the big question (assuming of course that P and I don't get a wild hair up our ass and decide to drive 40 hours straight through to the Sheraton, hahahaha) and right now it looks like that's going to run about $300 on AirTran or Southwest, the big difference between the two being whether I want to leave from Reagan National and change planes in Milwaukee or leave from Dulles and change planes at Midway.

Of course, without a job, this is all just theorizing anyway, since I'm not going to be dumb enough to head off to Minnesota without having a full-time permanent position, or at least a long-term temporary one. I could do a lot of things with $900...I mean, that's almost a month's rent, and it would be nice to have that in the bank for BalticonOtakonhookers & blow emergencies.