December 23rd, 2009

the mark

Well, hm.

Apparently I missed this when they mentioned it the first time. As a paid LJ subscriber, I can send out coupons to people on basic or free accounts good for $10 towards an account upgrade - so instead of forking out $25 for a year, you only have to spend $15. If you want one, let me know.

Tried and failed to get the Brave Little Toaster out of its parking space today; unlike P, I was unable to clear away enough snow with my broom, and ruined the broom in the process besides. Carlos is supposed to come over after work and help clear snow/yank out the truck, but the traffic on the Woodrow Wilson is pretty hideous this evening. Well, whatever; either I do grocery shopping today or tomorrow.

Finally got my post-op consult this morning: it'll be on the 28th. Not quite 5-20 days after surgery. I'm a little concerned about the groin incisions, one of which is still bleeding a bit, but I'm pretty sure I'll live until the 28th.

Currently rereading Michael Williamson's Freehold.

grocery shopping fail

Well, Carlos made it through the horrible traffic on the bridge and helped dig the Toaster out of the snow after proving to himself that we couldn't just four-wheel through it. God bless him. We stood around in the cold talking for a while and then he headed back; I think he was going to hole up at the Dunkin' Donuts with a mug of coffee and wait for the idiots to clear out first, though.

I really should have just come back inside at that point, but once the truck was free I felt I had to go do the shopping. Which I did; I went a bit overboard and made some dumb mistakes, though. The spiral cut ham was not one of them, though; that was a hell of a deal at $1.49/pound, and I'll be munching on that for a couple months easy. Unfortunately, failure to read signs and labels properly stuck me with a bag of coffee beans I now have to find a grinder for and a couple boxes of overpriced frozen veggies besides. I also somehow left $2.50 worth of coupons in my pocket, which is annoying and stupid. Meh. I have food for the next couple of weeks, maybe more, and will probably only have to replenish my milk and egg supplies during that time. Which is good, because I have so many bills. *cringe*