December 18th, 2009


bah humbug

Haven't felt much like writing or doing anything else these last couple of days; even playing internet spaceships has been :effort: Thus the lack of posting.

This Lileks story about the police cruiser parked in front of the drop-off boxes doesn't really surprise me. Police tend to park anywhere they want in their cruisers, regardless of the signage; I will grant that I've never seen one parked in a handicap spot. Still, it's one of those things that ought to be drilled into young cadets' heads: the law applies to you, too. Including the parking regulations. People understand if you're blocking traffic so that they don't drive through an accident scene or into the middle of a shootout, but parking in front of drop-off boxes at the Post Office, not so much.

Speaking of the mail, it doesn't look like I'm going to get Christmas cards out this year. First, I have no idea where the box of cards went to during the massive cleaning & purging earlier this year, and second, I can't afford postage for them anyway. Maybe next year.

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In other news, the trailer for Iron Man 2 is out, and it looks to be 50% violence, 50% coolness, and 50% awesome.

it's coming down (not impressed)

The huge terrible snowstorm that's supposed to shut down DC tomorrow (all 15" of it) started falling while I was out returning books and DVDs. Just flurries so far, but since I had no reason to go out besides returning stuff I came home promptly and snagged the best parking space.

In other news, Eri Yoshida will be pitching in the Arizona Winter League. Who is Miss Yoshida? This mopo ought to answer that question.
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For those of you who are baseball-challenged, that there's a knuckleball grip, which explains 50% of the excitement. The other 50%? What part of "Miss Eri Yoshida" escaped you? ;) (Baseball Musings)

Also in the world of baseball, a really nice little essay about Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully and Philadelphia A's owner/manager Connie Mack crossing paths. Between the two of them, their lives have spanned the entire history of professional baseball in America. (Ibid.)
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