December 7th, 2009



Probably the best short description of this movie would be Full Metal Jacket Goes to The Gulf. I read the book some years ago but never quite got around to seeing the movie until last night. The movie is pretty faithful to the book, which is a good thing since I liked the book; the changes made to the book didn't strike me as terribly important. Jamie Foxx does a surprisingly good job as S/Sgt Sikes, and Gyllenhaal's portrayal of Tony Swofford is also very good; very understated but at the same time convincing in the scenes where he's freaking out.
I probably won't buy a copy for myself, but I do recommend it.

an early end to Monday

Since I was up until 0300 this morning as a result of sleeping in way too much on Sunday, it was pretty surprising that I woke up at 0800 and managed to stay up, remembering that I had to go in to the VA this morning for pre-surgery tests. I forgot that I was also going to have an A1c blood test done and so ate breakfast, but by the time they drew the blood there were other issues anyway so vOv.

Spent a lot of time waiting around and so got pretty far into The Cardinal of the Kremlin. I've been on a bit of a Tom Clancy streak of late; knocked off Clear and Present Danger last week and Without Remorse before that. I'm not reading them in any particular order, obviously. I'll have to get Debt of Honor and Rainbow Six out of the library, since I don't think I ever bought copies of those; as for Executive Orders , the weakest of the Jack Ryan novels IMAO, I'm just going to skip it.

All that having been said, I think this would be a good night to just crash early, forgoing the dubious pleasure of playing EVE while fuzzy with fatigue poisons.