November 28th, 2009


"It's all a commie plot!"

Man, I'd pay good money to hear Al Gore, David Suzuki, or one of the other gorbal warmening crazies pop off with that line in public. Wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if the First World's economy, built as it is on cheap energy from coal & petroleum, were saved by a KGBFSB covert op aimed at hacking the databases of the AGW conspirators? Dan Riehl points out that the Russians certainly have an incentive to torpedo this latest environmental stupidity.

While we're on the subject of scientific illiteracy and the climate, may I recommend to you Fallen Angels?

'Not the "land fit for heroes" they were promised'

The late George Fraser Macdonald was none too pleased with what had become of Britain by the time he sat down to pen Quartered Safe Out Here, his account of the time he spent in the Border Regiment during the Burma Campaign in WW2. He was considerably less kind about it in a piece he penned for the Daily Mail last year, and it would appear that many of the surviving members of Britain's "Greatest Generation" agree with the older, angrier Fraser. RTWT.