November 1st, 2009


Taking the good with the bad

Dutch was kind enough to invite me over to chez Dunham last night so we could watch Game #3 of the World Series on their rather impressive flat screen TV. Unfortunately, the game was delayed by rain, but this was all right since it gave Dutch the chance to show me the first couple of episodes of the Bertie & Jeeves series with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Laurie does an outstanding Bertie Wooster, while Fry is so good as Jeeves that I didn't even realize it was him until the end credits rolled. Yow.

World Series unfortunately was not as good; Phillies jumped out to an early 3-0 lead but Cole Hamels seemed to come apart after A-Rod clubbed what should have been a ground-rule double off a camera down the first-base line. Apparently the umpires had decided this would be a home run before the game THE FIX WAS IN and conferenced on it in the umpire room using video replays before confirming that it was a 2-run homer. I'm sure the constant drizzle didn't help Hamels, but the bullpen didn't do a lot better. Phillies offense also seemed to be in all-or-nothing mode as most of their runs came off solo homers (2 byJayson Werth) and the final score was a depressing 8-5. Here's hoping the weather is better tonight and that the Phillies can come back to tie it up.

Some linkagery for your Sunday: Stuff White People Don't Like and The World of Tomorrow (If the Internet Disappeared Today). The former seems more true of the UK than the States, although that may be because I'm not tied in well to either of the groups he talks about. (Instapundit and Moe Lane, respectively)

Happy birthday to digex!

Jeans somewhat related

This post by Instapundit reminded me of this ad that played last night during the Series:

The poem sounded familiar - not that I'd heard it before, but the way it was put together, the words and scansion and all...and when I looked up the words today, sure enough, it was Walt Whitman. Pretty good ad.
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