October 25th, 2009


sunday linkagery

Avoiding an Italian future: why we need to do this. Luigi Zingales' article describes how Italy's pro-market politicians got eaten alive by the pro-business faction after their (eventually) successful defeat of the Marxists. This is something that's still thrashing itself out here, where the difference between Main Street and Wall Street is more obvious than it might have been in Italy. (Instapundit)

You know, for somebody that was going to unify us all in a post-partisan glow with his cleanliness and articulate speech, 0bama and his crew sure manage to piss a lot of people off. Even people that wanted to believe what he was saying. (The Corner)

Kids without parents have a tough time getting it together in school. Not exactly news, but some people just don't get why the single-mom thing is such a bad idea. I saw links to this earlier in the week but forgot to post them. (Instapundit)

Been wheezing and coughing up stuff today so decided not to go to Mass and share it. Ironic, I'm taking all these antibiotics, and some damn virus moves in to mess with me. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff.