October 24th, 2009


productive Friday, Saturday not so much

I made a bunch of calls yesterday, fired off a bushel of resumes, and filed an app with H&R Block to come back. Unfortunately I missed the window for taking tax prep classes (that needed to be done before Labor Day) but what the hell - three and a half months of part-time work will do my wallet good. I might just be able to scrape enough work together between Alexandria, Fairfax County, and H&R Block to get caught up on some of the bills around here. Am also going to sign up for baseball reporting with STATS again; P thinks I should get more heavily into baseball writing and blogging, maybe revive the Rebel Baseball Review, but I want to take this one step at a time. Whether I'll actually have time for any of this once Civ comes to Facebook next year is a good question. ;)

In the meantme, I'm going to get up and head over to the Blessed Sacrament parish festival today, because, well, I've never been to a parish festival. Also, sitting in the apartment all day is not good for me; I need to get OUT now and again and see people. Maybe even interact with them in meatspace. I know, this is a strange concept for many of you to grasp, but trust me, it does me good.

Getting out will be facilitated by the amputation of the foot wrap part of the Profore bandage, which had largely come unmoored from my foot anyway. This is a Good Thing as far as I'm concerned, since now I can put a sock on my right foot and get it in my regular shoe, as opposed to the Clown Shoe. In a related item, the Clindamycin doesn't seem to be harrowing my GI tract as bad as it was last week. Maybe my intestinal bacteria have grown tougher. Maybe it wasn't the antibiotic to start with. *shrugs*

Oh yeah: Aaron Static has his October Power Hour up and available for download. DO EET.