October 18th, 2009


late night excitement (not really)

Spent some time flailing around last night trying to install a couple of games that my brother gave me a while back, but the first one wouldn't run after being installed and the second one locked up during the install when it couldn't find the now-defunct web site of the publisher. Oh, well. Wound up downloading the freeware version of Steel Panthers and playing that instead.

Also went through the three boxes sitting next to my desk and (mostly) emptying two of them. One of the boxes had a number of the books I've been looking for since I moved in, such as Bill James The Politics of Glory, Pournelle & Stirling's Go Tell the Spartans, and P.J. O'Rourke's Give War A Chance. I missed them all very badly and am very very glad to have found them. Now to assemble the last bookcase so I have somewhere to put them.

I'm a little reluctant to do this because of the crappy weather and the way my leg felt after Friday's sub orientation, but I'm going to go out to Blessed Sacrament and see how the 1100 Mass is. Since my morning glucose was 87 (wtf?) I'm going to take care of that first, though. Not taking Communion anyway, so...*shrug*

Gluing the disunited states together, and other RP campaigns

Well, as I said to those of you on Facebook, I went and kicked the tires at Blessed Sacrament, lit a fire, and filled out paperwork to sign up with the parish. The church building is modernist, but not oppressively so; the 1100 Mass is fairly traditional, with a choir and altar boys/acolytes and eucharistic ministers helping hand out Communion, so it's quite the three-ring circus. People actually took the time to talk with me a little when I handed in my paperwork, which was a pleasant change from every parish I've been to since...well, ever. This may actually be a parish community where that phrase isn't an oxymoron. So I'll be going back next week, probably to an earlier Mass, but not the 0900 Mass because that's the folk Mass. I hate folk Masses; they have really bad associations for me going back to my days as an Air Force brat in the 1970s, and if I can avoid them, I will.

On the secular side of things, I met with Messrs. therevdrnye and Groark at Five Guys for lunch and we discussed anime, manga, RP campaigns past and current, and the state of things in our respective lives. That was over too soon, but therevdrnye came over to my place and I dragged the drafting chair out of the kitchen into the newly-cleared living room for him. (Someday soon I will acquire actual chairs people can sit and relax in, or at least sit.) More discussions of RP campaigns followed, mostly revolving around Twilight 2000, until he had to shove off and retrieve his laptop, which was being beaten back into submission by some technically-inclined friends of his of the Mac persuasion.

So here it is 2200. I have an appointment tomorrow at the VA, and even if I didn't I'm too ragged out by the day's activities to want to stay up half the night playing internet spaceships. Even if lag-free fleet action is in the offing. Going to take pills, shoot up, and go to bed.