October 12th, 2009

FGSFDS - Technoviking

Life sucks and then your season ends.

I don't really have the heart to go back and review the gameday threads from the weekend for the Twins and Sox. Bad enough that they lost without rubbing my own nose in the details. I guess I'll be half-heartedly cheering on the Angels and Phillies (because sod the Yankees and Dodgers, seriously) but I don't really care about the Angels, and the Phillies- well, yeah. I used to love them when I was a Twins fan, but now that they're the dominant team in the Nationals' division, it's a little bit harder. I'd sure rather see them win the pennant than the stinking Dodgers, though.

Also also not posting Giamatti's paean to baseball here; I know too much baseball history to do anything but utterly despise the man, no matter how purty he writes.

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Well, I should be in bed; right now, sitting up is not good for the leg, so I'm going to fill the dishwasher and then go get horizontal.