October 4th, 2009


wasted Saturday

I spent most of yesterday in a semi-conscious state, thanks to being short on sleep and eating something that really didn't agree with me. Not that it made me nauseous, but apparently it jacked my blood sugar way up, and I wound up dozing for the next 18 hours. Woke up weak as a kitten this morning, but managed to get up and get some tea & toast down. Going to be careful today, get laundry done, and catch the last Nationals game of the season on the radio. I'm hoping for a sweep. :)

Sunday's mixed emotions

Still feeling weak, but at least I got the laundry into the washers and will be going across the hall to put it in the dryers shortly. Headache mostly gone, leg still hurts like hell, and I really don't want to do anything more strenuous than laying down and reading, or better yet, sleeping.

The last Nats game was most excellent. Fifteen innings ending in a 2-1 squeaker and thus a sweep; for extra smug points, the winning pitcher was Logan Kensing, arguably the worst pitcher still in the bullpen. Be interesting to see how they do over the winter; they have a lot of good young players, and should be able to get some decent arms without blowing all the prospects.