September 30th, 2009


busy busy busy

So much to do today. I have bags and boxes for the dumpster, calls to make, a book to put in the mail, and tentative plans to go downtown and watch the Nats from the cheap seats.

Yesterday...well, it wasn't totally wasted. I did dishes, got some stuff sorted out and put away (thus the boxes going out) and even managed to get another episode of Dollhouse in before bedtime. I'd watch more than one, but it's a little too intense for that.

Going to see if I can make a little progress on the APAzine for next time, though that's probably not going to happen today.
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Getting to the ballpark was a pain in the ass, thanks partially to a mechanical failure on the Blue Line train I would have caught from Van Dorn. The other part was some nimrod deciding that 4:35 on a weekday is a peachy time for a game in a major metropolitan area. Metro is usually packed to the gunwales during rush hour as it is, and adding another 20,000 baseball fans didn't help that crowding one damn bit.
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