September 27th, 2009


Winamp is mocking me.

Woke up at 0900 and proceeded to do the leg squeeze thing for an hour -actually 90 minutes, since I was playing Civicrack and lost track of time. Morning sugar is mediocre, which is better than yesterday when it was pretty awful. May have to add pita bread and hummus to the "eat this and die" list.

Uncertain what to do today. I kind of sort of want to go outside, since it's not raining and I'm feeling an oots restless, but on the other hand the wallet is not encouraging wandering around with no particular place to go. I may compromise by taking some boxes of books to the storage locker and/or hitting the library; equally likely is that I'll stall out and wind up playing EVE for the next eight hours.

Hanging out with Mark was entertaining as usual. I'd brought my external drive so that I could introduce him to CONELRAD, but his Mac didn't recognize the drive, so he wound up downloading some tracks from Function Creep and Not A Gun. He found it as entertaining as I thought he would. :) After that we sat around talking about books, movies, TV, and aerospace history, which is of course his particular specialty. Good times.