September 15th, 2009

dead wombat


Went to the VA clinic this morning for a TB test, but since I had a positive test way back in '83 I had to go downtown for a chest
x-ray instead. Man, what a journey that was. Caught the bus on the corner, changed to the Metro at Ballston, and rode that to Brookline, where of course I missed the shuttle and has to get on another Metrobus. All of this took forever and a day, and when I finally got to the hospital I sat around for two hours waiting for my name to be called. In fairness, there must have been about twenty people in there when I got there, plus more with appointments who came in later. Anyways, I got out of there around 1700 and took the shuttle back to the Metro and rode that to King Street without getting killed. Caught the Foxchase shuttle, walked a block home, and pretty much collapsed.

I feel a little better now after eating dinner, but I think I'm going to bed early and watch a movie or something. I'd listen to the Nats but they're playing the Phillies tonight, and that won't end well.
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