September 11th, 2009


Friday rush

P wants to do a road trip, so this is going to be quick & dirty.

Most important: Alexandria accepted my application for substitute teaching. Fairfax County, on the other hand, deprecated my lack of classroom teaching experience and said they'd take me only as a substitute instructional assistant. Which counts as classroom experience, so it's a step toward the eventual goal of landing a FT teaching job.

Still no call from Don Beyer. For all I know they sold the Sportage for scrap and are hoping I don't find the fatal flaw in the Legacy they loaned me.

Smittypalooza was great fun, and the host has a recap here. Lots of good conversation in addition to meeting the legendary Paco, R. Stacy and Smitty their own selves, and some lovely ladies who had flown in from Arizona, Idaho and Michigan for the 9/12 rally*. All in attendance agreed that this would have to become a recurring event, so we might well see this happening on a monthly basis, or maybe only every six weeks. Much depends on whether Smitty was able to cover his tab with our contributions. :)

I said a couple weeks ago that I'd review Inglourious Basterds and Reservoir Dogs, which I saw while in Ocean City.
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Finally, Allahpundit's account of 9/11. Original Twitter feed here. I read this when I got home early this morning, and it put me in a somber mood, remembering how the day went. (Ace)

*Also present was Matthew Vadum, who writes for the American Spectator.