September 6th, 2009


Weekend flakiness

The original plan was to get together with P and my niece Valerie, do sushi, and clear the last of the books out of my parents' house, and stick those books in a storage locker. Unfortunately, we never got past the first part of the program. Granted, the sushi at the Flying Fish was most excellent, and both P and Val were excited about the dollar sushi happy hour and Wii night, but the fact remains that after consuming mass quantities of tentacled & finned sea critters (heavy on the eel) nobody was in much of a mood to move anything, and in any case we had no storage locker to move it to. We'll try that again Thursday, probably without the sushi.

I dropped Val off at the Southern Avenue Metro so she could head off to movie night with her friends, went home, and proceeded to veg out in front of the PC until 0300 playing EVE. Got a couple of Ospreys blown up while doing salvaging and had some close calls with heavier stuff; made serious money off looting the wrecks, and eventually staggered off to bed after finding the belt I wanted to rat in inauspiciously full of Elder Blood Upholders. Jesus, I hate those things.

Today I rose late but still managed to get laundry done in the morning. That was about all the productive activity I managed.

As for the sunburn, it's mostly gone except for a patch on my stomach, and I'm into the peeling and shedding stage. Gah. Blood sugars have mostly been good-to-surprisingly good, mostly because I haven't felt like eating much while the sunburn made it painful to do stuff. I suspect that despite the epic consumption of sushi yesterday I am still ahead of the game with regard to calories in as opposed to calories burned, but I need to bring Fitday up to date to be sure.