August 30th, 2009



  • 12:27 Hit the beach, and the beach hit back. #
  • 15:55 The Sun may be a source of energy but after four hours out in it I feel drained. Nap time. #
  • 23:05 Stopped at my first Wawa. Pretty much like a Sheetz, except with different amusing name. #
  • 23:05 No Solarcaine here either. :( #
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fun at the beach, and the long drive home

It was a good weekend, and I'm very grateful to Kathy & Chuck for having me over to their place in Ocean City and being very generous and gracious hosts. I got more exercise and ate better than I usually do on the weekends, and if I came home with first-degree burns on most of my pale Black Irish skin, well, that's my fault for not putting on the sunscreen (as was suggested to me at least twice) or at least coming out of the sun after an hour or two instead of sitting there with my T-shirt off for four hours. You'd think I would have remembered the misery of sunburn from my junior high school days when Dad used to take me to the Knights of Columbus pool in Forestville, but nooooo...

The beach outing did give me the opportunity to rinse my wounds in the salt water and fry them in the sun, and some of the smaller leaks are now history because of this. So that was a big plus, more broiling of the wounds in the sun will follow unless my doctor says "OH GOD NO, STOP THAT AT ONCE!".
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