August 12th, 2009


Some health care linkagery

The head of Whole Foods suggests a private-sector alternative to the horrible mess Congress and Obama are pushing. If someone in the Stupid Party got a brain flash, they'd make this 2010's Contract with America.

A helpful collection of misinformation about the proposed health care reforms - supplied by the President himself.

The whole thing comes down to one simple question: how much do you trust the Federal government? I don't think it's any accident that those of us who have had the most to do with it (on the slimy end of the stick, at any rate) are least enthusiastic about this.

Also, if you're planning on bracing your "representative" about this bill, King Banaian has some pertinent questions about some of its sections. In case you haven't read the bill yourself yet, and at 1000 pages, who could blame you? Your Congressman, on the other hand - it's his/her job, and they have no damn excuse for not doing so. Me, I have the disgustingly corrupt Jim Moran (D-VA) for a Congressman, so there's no point in even talking to the pork-bloated bastard. Yours may not be quite so bought and paid for. King is skeptical about the "death panel" provision, Article 1233, which has gotten so much attention of late, partially due to Sarah Palin's outspoken opposition to it. It's worth pointing out that Charles Lane of the Washington Post had the same concerns, though.