July 31st, 2009

Boss Coffee

Good morning, sports fans!

This Friday is brought to you by the late Jim Varney (watch the whole clip for extra-delicious hilarity right at the end)

and by Federally-funded gorilla porn. (Ace)

Also, the Nationals lost 7-3 to the Brewers yesterday afternoon. It's not all Mike McDougal's fault, but he did a good job showing why he's not closing for the Royals these days.

A quiz about conventions

Ganked from rinnytintinny on Facebook.
It made me think for a minute about how much time I've spent at conventions and/or working on them.
Collapse )
I don't tag people, but I am curious about my friends' experiences, especially oldermore experienced fans like badger2305, materia_indigo, chebutykin, qob...you know who you are, people.