July 12th, 2009



I seem to have fixed my sleep cycle problem to some extent by going to bed this morning at 0100 and rising today a little after 1200. The late rising was more out of sheer laziness than anything else, since I woke up roughly once an hour from 0700 onward, but with nothing on the schedule today I didn't see any reason to stir forth and do stuff.

I did finally go out and get the mail, which included drugs from the VA, the new (and horribly screwed up) Sprint bill, the quarterly statement from my brokerage (didn't want that retirement fund anyway) and a helpful letter with flyer from the VA about their suicide assistanceprevention line. I don't think I'll really be needing that, so I chucked it along with the rest of the junk mail. Sprint had done exactly what I asked them earlier in the month and switched the numbers on my phones, so that the Centro -my main phone- is in the 703 area code, and the Katana -my "home" phone- is in the inappropriate 301 area code. Unfortunately, they didn't switch the plans along with the numbers, so I got billed for some texting and data use. :( Fortunately, Sprint being Sprint, they have outstanding customer service which fixed this problem, credited me with the charges for the texts and data, and also credited me another $50 for extending my contract on one of these phones for two years. Ha! It's not like I'd ever voluntarily leave them in any case, so it was free money. :)

The Forgotten Army is a pretty depressing book. Granted, just about any book about the ARVN would be, but this one is particularly poignant since it's not only a once-over-lightly organizational/social history of that doomed army but also a biography of a pair of colonels who came from similar backgrounds, were acknowledged as two of the best young officers in the ARVN, and wound up in very different and tragic places. It's also depressing to see how our Army and the press screwed the ARVN out of the credit for winning the battles of Hue and Hamburger Hill, among many other dumb mistakes the US made in South Vietnam. I'm not done with it yet, but it's hard to keep going when you know how it all ends.
UPDATE: Done with it now. I need a drink, but I gave that stuff up. :(

Time to go out and replenish the groceries, maybe hang out with some friends if they're available.

God, I miss EVE. I'm not really cut out to be a forum whore, and reading the op threads is monumentally frustrating.