July 8th, 2009

Boss Coffee

in which yr. Humble Narrator carries pizza to Ashburn

Wound up doing my good deed for the decade by hauling a pizza out to P's place for various reasons she can explain if she wants to, but it was worth it to get caught up on all the Detour gossip/drama** as well as getting her take on this year's Convergence (now with 400% more SEX, LOL) which included pole dancing, go-go dancers at the Oddcon party, and a kissing booth for some worthy cause that featured increasingly scantily-clad young ladies as the weekend progressed. Judging from the photographs posted so far by PV, among others, Allen Carpentier's criticism of femmefans* no longer applies, at least not at Convergence where, apparently, attracting da yoots of Minnesota is not a problem. :)

Nothing much of any consequence accomplished today otherwise; hope to change that tomorrow.

*"Half-pretty women half-dressed to show it." Inferno, chapter 1 IIRC
**Relax, stuckintraffik, it's all good. ;)