July 7th, 2009


not getting excited about any of this

Woke up, checked morning blood sugar, washed hands and rechecked sugar (much better) and had a couple of phone conversations with different headhunters. One of them I'd talked to a couple of months ago, the other not; in any case, they both have possible jobs for me, but we'll see what happens. I'm trying not to be pessimistic.

Need to go out today and do some faxing since the Department of Commerce is still bogged down in the 1960s and can't read PDF files, or some such nonsense. Also need to mail in some forms to the VA to certify that I am a broke-ass veteran, and figure while I'm out I might as well see if I qualify for food stamps. In between all this, more job hunting and...I dunno. Garbage needs to go out, so some of that.
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No safe zones

Yeah, you can't get away from annoying people who want to strike a political pose, even at the orchestra. (Instapundit)

Of course, one of the ways people can be an asshole in response to this kind of nonsense is to hit organizations like this where they live: not just in the wallet, but in the tax exemption. This is something I always worried about with in respect to Detour. I didn't want even the appearance that we were partisan one way or the other because of this, and I don't know that I was always clear to people about why. Putin jokes OK, maybe even jokes about the LDP (which would actually have been within our ambit) but for Kami-sama's sake, no campaign wear. It only takes one person to start a mountain of problems.