July 2nd, 2009



Oh, man...this may have been a big mistake, but for now I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Since I was out of milk for coffee, I decided to go out for breakfast and replenish dairy products on the way home. Original plan was to get a McMuffin at McDonald's and some McCoffee to wash it down with, since McCoffee no longer tastes like it's been filtered through burned socks, but since the neighborhood McD's credit/debit machines were fux0r3d I took my GI tract in my hands (not literally, euwww) and went to the IHOP on the other side of 395.

Much better than the IHOP by the Sprawl, it was. *burp* I drank 3-4 cups of coffee to wash down my biscuits & gravy, read USA TODAY in a leisurely fashion, and then motored on down to Harris Teeter for a gallon of whole milk, a buttload of store brand yogurt (there was a BOGO deal), and a couple heads of broccoli that were also on sale.

Now here I am at home, feeling righteously energized, and considering a road trip to Hagerstown (home of the Class A Suns) for Friday night fireworks, since Woodbridge (home of the Class A Nationals*) is more expensive, and, well, it's Woodbridge. Okay, it's down 95, and I have a horror of being stuck on that wretched piece of road in the middle of holiday traffic. Besides, Hagerstown Municipal looks like a nice old park, as opposed to the Nationals' Pfitzner Stadium. I'd stay at home and watch the college kids play with wooden bats, but apparently that league shuts down for the 4th.

And speaking of the Dukes, my fantasy team remains mired in seventh place, bogged down by a pitching staff that can't win, can't strike anyone out, and can't keep runners off base or away from home plate. Fox Mike Lima, as the cool kids say these days.

Ah, well...at least I can laugh at Iowahawk, who brings back memories of Disco Demolition Night with Recession Demolition Night.

*Who, interestingly enough, used to be the Alexandria DukesMarinersDukes before moving to Woodbridge in 1984.

Your weird sports news fix for Thursday

The Moneyball movie goes back into development hell. From the description, all I can say is "Praise Jesus!" Also, big ups to Amy Pascal. Nice to see every suit in Hollywood isn't a crack-addled moron.

No. No. This is just wrong. I don't care how much you loved Michael Jackson, girls.

Gump Worsley. Actually, one hell of a goalie. (Via Reason's Hit & Run, which was actually mocking Senator Stuart Smalley and Minnesota at the time.)

Finally, a murder involving midget luchadores, roofie-using hooker thieves, and Paris Hilton; unfortunately the hookers and Hilton seem to have survived. :(
If this sort of thing keeps up, I may need to bookmark Deadspin.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to throw out the trash...

Get to work, you slackers!

More info here about the most decorated officer of the Third Reich. Dude blew up a battleship, FFS.
My father used to talk about how a Lufthansa pilot bought him rounds until closing time while lecturing him on the greatness of Oberst Rudel after Dad name-dropped the author of Stuka Pilot. On the other hand, Rudel was an unrepentant Nazi, so it's not like the guy was some kind of stainless hero. On the gripping hand, the folks who designed the A-10 Warthog consulted heavily with Rudel, and we all know how that went. :)