June 28th, 2009


sunday linkagery

Tyler Cowen asks, "What is transhumanism?" His reaction makes me think that it isn't just us religious types who have their doubts about it.

An interesting article on the prevalence of French (and Catholicism) in Africa. Given the rise of Islam in France, perhaps the Senegalese tirailleurs have not seen the last of la belle France. (Marginal Revolution)

Megan McArdle on the CRA as a component of the housing crash. I don't think there're any Republicans of note who've said the CRA is the sole reason for the housing bubble; certainly the greed of people who thought they could make a quick buck off poor credit risks, and flippers, was a big factor. There's no denying the CRA was a big part of what got the ball rolling, though. And speaking of people who have learned nothing from history (or, more likely, just don't care): Barney Frank!

How can we stop laughing at him if he won't go away? Good question, Jules.
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