June 24th, 2009


a busy Wednesday

Fairly busy day planned for today. First priority will be to get this month's StippleAPA copied and sent off in the mail (Priority, of course) so that it'll make it to the collation on time. One hopes. Online job-hunting will follow, along with the usual amount of online time-wasting, though I might manage to get some writing done instead. Been thinking about the novel a bit lately, re-reading notes, and doing some occasional scribbling; today seems as good a day as any to actually do some prolonged thrashing on the keyboard between firing off resumes into the darkness.

Then I'll be wandering out in the general direction of Ashburn to meet RS for dinner and discuss moving my Geocities website to his server, since Yahoo! intends to whip away the holy crutch of free hosting sometime in the very near future. I've been thinking of domain names, and we'll see tonight if any of them are free.