June 22nd, 2009


quiet Monday

Tried to get my sleep cycle back on track last night but that didn't work, so I'll give it another shot tonight. In the meantime, I'm baking bread, doing laundry, and spending a lot of unproductive time online. Tomorrow, I think, I'm going to prod the temp agencies and see if they have any data entry gigs available. Hell, $10/hour may not be much better than unemployment, but it'll give me something to help cover the bills with. Especially since I need to start saving up for August rent, as the last of the Cardboard Box Fund is in the process of being liquidated so that July rent can be covered.

Also need to knock out some pages for the next issue of StippleAPA, which is going to be collated Saturday. That'll go to the copy shop Wednesday morning and get mailed out immediately thereafter.