June 21st, 2009


"We're not going to talk about that time in Bogota." "Right."

Lester Spence talks about Father's Day. I don't buy into the "white privilege" thing, but there's no question that black dads have a tougher row to hoe, with a lot more bad examples around. Here's to the good examples. You rock, Lester.

So, party yesterday/last night for brian_edminster, complete with black balloons, Vader masks, a pinata, kegs of beer and a lot of Scotch in the pile o'presents. I carpooled up with Paul Hammer, which was rough on him since he lives about 45 minutes southeast of me in Charles County, but next time we get together I'll be going down there, so the karmic balance will be restored. Or something. Saw Brian's parents, who are both v. cool people; all his kids were there, and I'm afraid digex and I couldn't resist the temptation to mess with Amber's head a little about that unfortunate incident with Brian in Mexico, to say nothing of what happened in Bogota, which digex and I agreed was not okay to talk about. Yet. Maybe in another fifty years. ;) Shot a lot of photos with the Centro, digex shot hundreds with his autoloading long-barrel Soul Stealer of Doom, and edminster shot some too. So there'll be plenty of evidence. :)

Also saw Michelle Arias for the first time in 30 years; she and her husband are out here in the DC area on account of work. It was kind of weird seeing her again after all this time, for a number of reasons, but it went well. Some people don't change a whole lot, not on the inside.

Paul and I finally shoved off around 2300, stopped at the Waffle House on 144 for coffee and eggs to find a couple of guys singing and playing guitar. Live music at the Waffle House? WTF? They weren't horrible, and left soon enough anyway. As did we, after a sizable snack, and headed on back to Alexandria via the Beltway.

It was a good Saturday; probably would have been better if I'd just gone to bed instead of doing a random walk through the internet at 0300.
Any roads, I got up at noon, and am going to hit the shower and head out to Ashburn since P is buying me ribs for Father's Day. :)

an outstanding Father's Day

We've never made much of a big deal about Father's Day in this family. Usually we just go out to dinner and that's good enough for me. Today was different. P and I did the dinner (BBQ at Famous Dave's, and very good it was, too) but then we went for a drive up on Skyline Drive, which I don't think I've seen in years.

She drove.

Now, keep in mind that 99% of the time this family has done road trips (since 1983) I've been the one driving, because the ex liked to enjoy the scenery. Which is okay when you're in the mostly flat/gently rolling plains of Minnesota, but not so much when you're in the river bluff country or up in the piedmont. To say nothing of mountains. And that gets pretty damn old after a while.

So this was extremely cool. I got to chill out and watch the scenery (which included a mother black bear and her cub) along the drive out from Ashburn. Awesome scenery was awesome, and I didn't have to do the heavy lifting involved in getting the Kia up and down those twisty mountain roads. BONUS. :D

Thanks a million, P. We need to do this again sometime.
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