June 18th, 2009


life, death, sunshine, rain and all that

Less sloth and indolence today; bagged up a bunch of garbage and am running the dishwasher. Soon I shall emerge from my burrow and chuck the garbage in the dumpster! Woo! Now if I could just beat this scale into submission, or at least figure out how to be 10% smarter than the tricky power cord/tube combination that's getting in the way of using it...anyway, I also got a bunch of books shelved last night and did some writing.

It's a little disturbing to me that the sun coming out earlier did so much to get me in a better mood. I normally prefer overcast or partly cloudy days (double order of cumulus, side order of Iowa road trip, kthxbye) but after a couple of days of drippy rain I am happy to see the sun come out. Maybe it's an emotional shift coming from the anniversary of Mom's death on Monday combined with finding out that banzchan's little sister had died, and then today realizing that a couple of my oldest friends are having birthdays this weekend. Whatever it is, I feel better now. :)

Finished Cyteen last night, and it helped to have read Regenesis since I noticed a few things going on in the first novel that I'd missed when I'd read it before. Things tied together better this time around, and there wasn't nearly as much psychological horror visited on a couple of the main characters as I remembered.

You would think some of the stores around here would have back scratchers, but evidently enough people have S.O.s with quality nails that there's no market for them. So I ordered one off the internet.

Going to try and get into those Amy Chua books tonight; I notice that I've been putting them off in favor of SF and baseball books.