June 12th, 2009

Boss Coffee

and now for something completely different

I've been following the excellent Lovecraft Is Missing since Balticon (just coincidence, I found it through some other link) and now LiM has turned me on to a most excellent "reboot" of the HPL franchise: Young Lovecraft The strip is originally done in Spanish, but the creators have thoughtfully provided an English translation. Hilarious!

Also worth noting: The Gentleman from Lickskillet, a daily political strip (h/t brian_edminster) and Skin Horse, a bizarre and humorous mix of X-Files, animal welfare, anthropomorphic animals, obscure government agencies, and an attack helicopter that doesn't really understand that it's not a teenaged geek flying an attack helicopter simulator...odd, but usually funny.

Out and about

Murphy being the bastard he is, P's truck is fixed and needs to be picked up tonight; unfortunately for her, I had other plans for this evening and plan to carry them out. So we'll be going out to retrieve said truck ~2200, which means I'll probably be leaving the PRSFS meeting around 2100, maybe earlier. We'll see how that goes.

Also on today's agenda: calling the doctor about fixing one of my prescriptions, buying soup spoons, filling the gas tank, and paying my income tax to Richmond, which I apparently forgot to do at the beginning of May. Oops.

edit: Well, they're good plans until they run splat into reality. Since the PRSFS meeting starts at 1930 and is in northwest DC, having to run out to Ashburn is going to mean I'll be up half the night. The hell with that. Guess I'll be doing that PRSFS thing next month instead.