June 2nd, 2009


Good night, sweet prince

I've been holding off posting on the whole George Tiller thing, partially because it's just not a burning issue for me and partially because I just don't post very much about the abortion issue. Most of my friends have pretty fixed attitudes on it by now, as do I, and I seriously doubt that anyone's mind is going to be changed by anything I have to say, so why waste everyone's time?
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Megan McArdle has some useful posts on the subject; surprisingly so given her recent drivel on the Sotomayor nomination:
The War on the War On Abortion
A Really Long Post About Abortion
One More Post

Anyway, Ms. McArdle (unlike me) is one of those Orange pro-choice types, so it's a little surprising (if pleasant) to see that we wind up in some of the same places. Read all of them, if you will.

Now you know why I've been cutting back on reading & posting about politics lately. This stuff will boil your brain if you spend enough time marinating in it, and I have uses for that brain.