May 27th, 2009


Finally, the Daystar emerges...

Been waiting for the sun to come out, since I need to go out, put stuff in the mail, and drop by the library, and none of those things go well with rain.

Going to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store, out of milk and I don't like the way the half & half is starting to taste.

The search for work continues - more resumes sent, another job site signed up for, another Federal job applied for. The temp agencies are having problems as well - for once, they're having to call around and see if anyone needs help instead of waiting for the clients to call, which is the usual practice.

Nothing wrecks this Oedipus!*

So I finished re-reading Heinlein's The Cat Who Walked Through Walls tonight.
Collapse )

*Shamelessly stolen from Filthy Pierre; this is the concluding line to his filksong "The Future History", which covers most of Heinlein's work.
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