May 22nd, 2009


Tim Cavanaugh wins the internets!

Green shoots bustin' out all over! (Instapundit)

N.B.: Do not click the link if you are under the impression that Obama and the Congress are doing a good job with the economy. Mr. Cavanaugh will harsh your mellow.

Related: Brian Doherty's Radicals for Capitalism is an interesting and concise history of the libertarian movement in America, which goes back a lot further than Ayn Rand and (imao) has a lot of crazy uncles in the attic. Lots and lots of short bios of all the major figures in the movement, some analyses of why the LP hasn't achieved much as a third party, and a lot of background on the anarchist/Left/"soft" libertarians that I frankly hadn't been aware of. Highly recommended.

One more for the road

Yeah, going to pack up the laptop along with the drugs, the nose hose and other essentials and take it on the road. Shouldn't take me too long, even if I bag up some garbage to throw away on the way out of town. Still need to stop by the CVS for Listerine and Prell, and by the tailor's for my Emergency Pants, but that won't take long.

Next post from Balticon. most likely Twittered.
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The dealers' room can only solve half my problem

Arrived at the hotel and unpacked, changed into freshly repaired cargo pants for more carrying capacity, and noticed after I finished unpacking that I'd somehow managed to misplace the power cord for the nose hose. Oops. Less importantly, I hadn't brought either of the Charles Stross books I wanted autographed.

I'd better shake a leg and head over to the Hunt Valley, the better to find my vile, treacherous friends.

Update: Friends found, new copy of The Atrocity Archives bought and signed by author, other friends found and dinner eaten shortly thereafter. Knew it was time to head back to my room when What Women Want came on the tube; had to leave or suffer continuing drain of INT and SAN.
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  • 14:20 Late out of the gate (30 min) but ready for Part 2 of drive after lunch @Laurel Chick-Fil-A #
  • 22:26 Waiting for the shuttle because I don't think I'm in shape to walk that far uphillM tbqh #
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