May 18th, 2009


working on the to-do list

Because once again, there's no work out there. I'm going to invoke Murphy at this point and proceed on the assumption that nothing will happen before the Memorial Day weekend. This leaves me free to wander around today dropping stuff off at the tailor's, picking up paper at Staples, and picking up the odds and ends that are cheaper at Harris Teeter than they were at Walmart.

Currently reading: Charles Stross' The Merchants' War.

UPDATE: Ordered new checks and deposit slips with the correct address, ordered bandages & tape, and downloaded the paperwork to defer my student loan payments on account of I now have no job, as opposed to last year when they were deferred since I had a job that didn't pay enough to enable me to make payments. Someday I'll have a job that does. Or I'll hit the lottery. Going out to do stuff after rush hour subsides.