May 14th, 2009


Jane Galt strikes again

“Perhaps predictibly, someone showed up in the comments to my post on Medicare and Social Security to argue that liberal analysts have very serious plans to cut Medicare’s costs, which is why we need universal coverage, so that we can implement those very serious plans. I hear this argument quite often, and it’s gibberish in a prom dress.” Read the whole thing.

Mixed emotions

Liquidated (but did not cash out) half the Cardboard Box Fund today; dithering over whether to do the rest now while the market is twitching upward again or wait until next month. So no matter what happens between now and the beginning of July, I'll have the rent covered. The electric bill is also covered since Dominion has refunded by deposit, and I plan to be very very conservative with the juice around here.

Picked up my last check from Wilbar today, dropped it off at the SunTrust in Kingstowne, and will be using a quarter of it to get the Sportage out of hock tonight. It turns out that the starter switch and a loose wire under the dash were the two problems keeping it from starting and from being able to signal right turns, so I got a twofer. Also got the dome light replaced, so I'm street legal again. Plus, this means I'll have enough spare cash to do Balticon on a budget.

Cashed in my BordersBucks and wound up buying more than I planned, since they not only had mzmadmike's Better to Beg Forgiveness and Charles Stross' The Merchants' War, but a trade paperback of Stross' The Jennifer Morgue. NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY???? So it was kind of like a BOGO but not really. I know I know I should have just gotten the Stross trade pb.