May 10th, 2009


not one of the better Sundays

Well, at least my blood sugar's been cooperating today. Was going to head out, do laundry and hang out with P, but these plans were derailed when I discovered the Optima had been towed. Phone calls to relatives and friends ensued, and eventually brian_edminster came down and bailed out the Optima, for which I owe him not only $$ but eternal gratitude. Vehicle is now correctly parked on Jordan and not in one of the complex lots.

Aside from that, did some baking and some cooking and some slicing of finger, which was no big deal since I have enough tape and bandages on the premises to choke a goat. Having forwarded a list of decent electronic bands to Brian, am now going to call it a night and crash so I can call in bright and early to snarf any jobs that might come up Monday.