May 8th, 2009


Search mode day 2

Well, nothing happening today in the way of paying work, unfortunately, although all the local Accountemps offices know I'm out there.
This leaves the calendar clear for me to head downtown this afternoon for a quick chat with the folks at Accountants International, who I spoke with back in February when I was originally fired. Hopefully between them and Accountemps we'll have this interruption in the work/cash flow mended by Monday, but just in case I'm filing for unemployment when I get back from the interview.

Still no word from the dealer on the Sportage. This is actually good since I can't pay them until next Thursday anyway.

Anathem is slow going, especially since I've been distracted by Weber & Ringo's March to the Sea and will probably get stuck into March to the Stars instead of going back to Anathem, which is not terribly interesting in its reformatting of A Canticle for Leibowitz.

A couple of links worth your while: Joanna Lumley leads Gurkhas in protest at Westminster. I dunno if I'd be willing to see Johnny Gurkha turned loose on the chavs, but I certainly think the retired Gurkhas and their relatives are being hard done by. They ought to get the same consideration for immigration that the medieval, disloyal Pakis get, at least. Also, your yard sale is illegal, and Carrie Prejean gets hammered for agreeing with Obama. (Maggie's Farm, Instapundit, ibid.)