May 6th, 2009

FGSFDS - Technoviking

And that was that.

Arrived at the office this morning to find that it was my last day, which they didn't require me to hang around for. Bob was surprised that I only had the radio and power strip to take home, but I've been expecting this since February. It would have been dumb to have piled up a bunch of crap, and rude to Tammy besides; the desk is her space, and cluttering it up with my shit would be Wrong. I am, after all, a professional. So I said my goodbyes, left my number with Tammy just in case, went downstairs and said goodbye to Sue and the boys in the body shop, and promised that if I racked up a truck, they'd be the first to know. :)

After that I headed over to the VA clinic, put in an order for syringes, and got a week's worth to tide me over until the new ones arrive. I also called Accountemps in Alexandria and made an appointment to come in and reactivate my file, which hopefully will yield me an extra week of pay on top of the week's severance I have coming from Wilbar. I'm going to need it, since the Sportage's starter switch (fortunately not the starter itself) is fried and will cost $250 to replace. I'm also having them look at the turn signal and dome light while they're in there messing with the wiring.

Finally stopped off at the library, dropped off the old stuff, and picked up Neal Stephenson's Anathem, Brian Doherty's Radicals for Capitalism (subtitled "A History of the modern American libertarian movement") and two books by Michael Flynn, The Forest of Time and other stories and The Wreck of the River of Stars. Strangely, the Alexandria Library doesn't have his Firestar books.

Well, now to eat lunch and turn my attention to the Serious Business of the day, which is updating my listings on and related sites, checking Craigslist for promising ads, and generally firing off resumes and applications in all directions. Wish me luck, f-list.

Balticon, and related matters

So, Balticon starts in a little over two weeks. Despite the recent tsuris of truck repairs, I still plan on making it there, because among other things, I promised a bunch of folks that I'd be there. I do know this - I'm not going to be staying at the Hunt Valley. The Ramada around the corner has king rooms for ~$51 a night, and I don't mind commuting a mile or so to the convention venue. (I may have to commute from Alexandria depending on how the cash flows or doesn't.) Anyway, we should talk about when and where we want to get together; whether or not we want to do a Dead Dog Party on Monday, and if so, where; also, whether people want to carpool or...something I've forgotten but is no doubt important. Giev comments with information!

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